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"Having subscribed to many OA lists over the years, Quincy’s are the most accurate and thorough I have found. Like most lists, they include fundamental find information, but Quincy takes it a few steps further, which helps me make a more informed buying decision. Quincy’s team seeks out any applicable promo codes (which takes extra time and effort, but often makes or breaks a deal), identifies the best cashback site to use at the moment, and last but not least, includes a screen grab of the retail site’s final checkout page as proof that the codes and deals are legitimate and actionable.  Quincy’s lists consistently deliver strong, profitable OA finds for my business and I recommend them highly."
Sean Elkin
"I have subscribed to Qiklist for the last year and Gated list for the last 2 years and could not be happier with the consistent quality of profitable OA leads.  A big advantage over other OA lists is the extensive research that goes into each lead and the detailed analysis provided on the lead spreadsheet.  The consolidated information on the spreadsheet allows you to make quick and informed buying decisions without visiting multiple websites saving you valuable time.  I consistently pay for the entire month's subscription cost in one daily lead list so the value is amazing!"
Kyle Smith
"I signed up for the monthly Qiklists after six years selling FBA. It has been a great way to open up my sourcing to new sites and products that I don't typically sell. You just can't beat having a list of ten vetted leads come into your email everyday. The list pays for itself in just a couple days and Quincy is fantastic to work with. I highly recommend Quincy's Qiklists to help grow your business."

Jill Montgomery
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"In 2015 I had been selling various items on Amazon for a while and could see the potential. I wanted to branch out from my normal items, but so far that had not always worked as well as I hoped. I had added shoes, but was not good with sourcing them on my own. It seemed as if the buy box price would drop below profitable on too many pairs and I was getting quite a few returns. I watched a video in which Quincy Lin went over his basic sourcing criteria and best practices which helped me a lot. He came across as knowledgeable and his best practices made sense. One thing he said which I follow diligently is to keep in mind the customer experience. If a customer purchases high end shoes they do not want them to arrive in a polybag. I began to pay a lot more attention to my packaging. Before that, I would tape close the lids on the boxes.  He suggested rubber bands because that will not damage the box. That seems normal now, but was new information back then. Because he seemed trustworthy on the video and his ideas made good sense, I subscribed to his list as a trial. I thought I would see how it worked, learn now to source and then drop the subscription in a few months. I am still a subscriber not only to his Gatedlist shoe list, but also to Qiklists and his Daily Sourcing list. His lists are not cheap, but are well worth the investment. If you choose an item on a free list, or a list which is sold to hundreds of people, you are then competing with hundreds of sellers and someone is bound to start a price war to the bottom. I am a very picky buyer and have tried other lists which just didn’t meet my needs. I may rule out some items on the Gatedlist, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good buy for someone else.  My pet peeve with many lists are the price outliers. That is when one particular size is priced well above the average price of all the others. I don’t run into that with Gatedlist. His choices are well filtered to be potentially profitable items. He also shows when cashback may be available through a portal, which is helpful. Customer service with Gatedlist is excellent. Emailed questions are answered quickly and most often he will follow up to be certain the issue was handled. Once I had an account suspension because a customer claimed I had sold counterfeit shoes. I emailed Quincy to cancel my list subscription since I was not buying shoes at all. He offered to help and spent about an hour on a video call with me discussing the issue, giving advice from his own experience and making suggestions.  Fortunately my suspension was quickly lifted and he did not charge me for the list while the account was suspended.  
Overall it is a great service. If you are new to selling shoes, try his list and you will learn a lot about sourcing shoes.  As an experienced seller, I still find the lists to be a valuable tool and well worth the subscription price."
Sid Browning
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"I signed up for QikLists a year ago to help me bump up my 2018 Q4 inventory.  I bought many of the list items, but there’s one that stands out because it turned into a profitable replenishable.  It’s an easy to prep, fast selling product..."
Diana Poisson
"Quincy, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday lists were a huge boost for my bottom line profit this Q4! I really love the daily list as well. It has been a great help for the growth of my business! Awesome, keep the leads coming."
Jim Marino
"Because I have a non-amazon full time job, I needed to be as efficient and profitable with my FBA business as possible. I decided to niche down to online arbitrage only specializing in the shoe category. I started with only one list from the site..."
Chad Brown
"I am one of the beta testers of the Qikflips web application. Amz-to-Amz flips constitutes about 40% of my inventory. The QikFlips web app continuously monitors for potential Amz flips and will send out alerts ..."
B. Patel
"We have been using the Gated List since 2016. Since that time we have tried many lists,  and eventually did away with them after seeing that they were of no value to us. The only Lists that we still use are Quincy's. ..."
A. Chomali
"Two words: TIME SAVER!! My RA/OA sourcing has fallen off lately as I’ve been pursuing new avenues in my business. Qikflips has helped me get back on track. I figured out my groove with Quincy’s new service..."
D. Philip
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Why Partnering with Us?

  1. No-risk trial for 30 days
  2. More OA efficiency with exclusive tools
  3. More money with realistic profit calculation
  4. Committed to clients' success since 2014
  5. We are active Amazon OA sellers ourselves
  6. Most comprehensive coverage available
  7. Most generous multi-list savings around
  8. Direct support from us, the creators
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#1: No-risk trial for 30 days

We are probably the only one doing this, but we think it's the best way to show you what we've got to potentially skyrocket your OA growth. We are confident of the quality of our services and are looking for clients of a good fit. We understand every seller has a different buying criteria and we are doing our best to lay out for you the criteria we are using. At the end of the day, the best lists are the ones that you can work with to generate profits that are multiple times the subscription cost, even though some products on the lists might not fit your own criteria. There is no better way to find out if a list is a good fit for you than to offer you the no-risk 30-day trial. 
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#2: More OA efficiency with exclusive tools

We add more values to your sourcing experiences. By partnering with some of the great creators of OA apps and resources, we bring additional efficiency into your OA game. These are tools that we use daily in our own sourcing and have personally experienced the time-saving benefits they bring. We have chosen to bring you some of the best OA tools without taking on any affiliate commissions. Instead, we have won the supports from these creators to pass the saving directly to you. So if you are a new client to any of these tools and will continue with QikLists after the 30-day trial, they are free to you.
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#3: Make more money with realistic profit calculation

Our profit calculation always factors in the cost of estimated inbound shipping and prep fees. We encourage sellers to ship heavier boxes to save more on inbound shipping, so we use $0.50/lb for our profit calculation. As for prep fees, whether you do it yourself in your garage or use a dedicated prep center in a sales-tax-free state, we estimate $0.75 per item as the prep fee you will likely have to pay. Combing both into profit calculation will give you the most realistic picture of how much profit you can potentially be making. As another result of following this practice, we have the most stringent screening criteria when it comes to profit calculation. We might have similar profit/ROI minimum as other service providers, let's say $4/40%. However, many products that make their ways on the lists of other service providers will NOT make it on our list. This is simply because we factor $1.25 additional fees into our profit calculation and these are the fees that you must pay before you can bag any profit. Putting it in another way, we are working harder than any other service providers to bring you product selections of better profitability. 

#4: Commit to your success since 2014

Quincy started GatedList in early 2014, which is the beginning of our journey to provide the best online sourcing service for Amazon sellers. We started with shoe category and now we've expanded into other categories as well. Today, both GatedList and QikLists are working together to provide sellers time-saving sourcing services of excellent quality. We are here for the long term and your success is our commitment. 
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#5: We are active sellers ourselves

Our services are created by sellers, for sellers. As active sellers ourselves, we understand the challenges of online arbitrage and have successfully built our team to overcome those challenges. Our daily online sourcing practices have made us experts in OA and we share our knowledge through our services to you. 

#6: Most comprehensive OA coverage available

Our services bring you profitable products across all major Amazon categories. We have specialized list focusing on Shoes only (GatedList). We have QikLists that offers different category options to cater to your likings. For advance sellers who are into Amazon-to-Amazon flips, we have QikFlips to suit your need. By bringing you the broadest range of products, you can make your best selections based on your sourcing budget.

#7: Most generous multi-list savings around

Our list bundles not only bring you the widest selection of products on daily basis, but also give you more savings on your investment. We offer three individual sourcing lists and allow you to bundle them in multiple ways to save you 25% to 33% in monthly payment. Your investment go much further with us while bringing in more profits. On top of that, you can save 17% more with our Yearly subscription option. 
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#8: Direct support from the creators

Limiting our list distribution to only 49 clients has a great benefit: you get great support directly from us, the creators of the service. When you have any questions, you can contact us directly and we will personally provide the support that you need. We are well known the Amazon seller community and we want to build lasting relationships with our clients. Having you onboard our service is just the beginning of our working together for business growth. We want to be alongside you to give you the support you need in sourcing more profitable products online. 

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Quincy Lin

Dublin, CA, USA
Engineer-turned Entrepreneur
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Creator of
Qiklists, Gatedlist, Qikflips, QikFinds & QikRefunds.