"I signed up for QikLists a year ago to help me bump up my 2018 Q4 inventory. I bought many of the list items, but there’s one that stands out because it turned into a profitable replenishable. It’s an easy to prep, fast selling product that gives me a $5.00 to $9.00 profit depending on my buy cost. I’ve been selling this product all year and just placed a larger order of it for this year’s Q4. I just want to say thank you to Quincy for providing a great list service. Also, if you need help with your online sourcing, I recommend that you give QikLists a try. Who knows, you may find your own online replenishable too!"
Diana Poisson
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"We have been using the Gated List since 2016.
Since that time we have tried many lists,  and eventually did away with them after seeing that they were of no value to us.
The only Lists that we still use are Quincy’s;  His lists are well put together with qualified finds in a detailed but clean format that gives us all the important data points that are needed to evaluate finds."
A. Chomali
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"I am one of the beta testers of the Quikflips web application. Amz-to-Amz flips constitutes about 40% of my inventory. The QikFlips web app continuously monitors for potential Amz flips and will send out alerts of those leads which meet your stated criteria ( e.g category, sales Rank, reviews, % drop, etc) In the 2 1/2weeks since i had access to this tool, I did 45 flip buys. Some of these flips later showed up in the subscribed list I pay for monthly. I am very pleased with the QikFlips and will be using it when the official release comes out."
B. Patel
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"Quincy has once again provided an invaluable sourcing resource for those of us who concentrate on selling shoes on Amazon.  His Qikflips service provides a constant flow of buying opportunities for Amazon flips. It saves time during the day by cutting out the need to refer to and constantly refresh Keepa in order to find price drops on Amazon.  The customizable screening filters in Qikflips allows one to hone their criteria so that only the very top-notch selections are identified. Once identified, selections are alerted on your desktop and/or through your email giving you an early advantage over other buyers. This product is a real time saver.  I highly recommend Qikflips if you want a fast, efficient sourcing tool for finding Amazon flips."
C. Damon
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"Because I have a non-amazon full time job, I needed to be as efficient and profitable with my FBA business as possible. I decided to niche down to online arbitrage only specializing in the shoe category. I started with only one list from the site but soon realized that I liked it so much that I subcribed to 3 lists total. In fact, now my entire sourcing method and business is generated only from the leads on Quincy’s lists. Since doing this, I sell approximately 700 shoes per month with an average ASP of 68.00! I am so happy with the service and support I receive at gatedlist.com. I would recommend everyone to look into this professional sourcing list."
Chad Brown
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"Two words: TIME SAVER!! My RA/OA sourcing has fallen off lately as I’ve been pursuing new avenues in my business. Qikflips has helped me get back on track. I figured out my groove with Quincy’s new service. I didn’t get a chance to start using Qikflips until two days into my 7 day trial. However, over the course of the last 5 days, I was able to source over $3k in product with 60% ROI in a matter of 4.5 combined hours. I didn’t bend my tight buying requirements to hit these numbers, either. Quincy has included all the data needed for smart buys. Wow! I’ve never been this productive with any RA/OA in the past! I can say that Qikflips will be my favorite sourcing productivity tool for some time."
D. Philips
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