FAQs on One-off OA List

How do I get notified when the Extra list becomes available?

Please sign up on the notification list HERE.

How is it different from subscription based QikLists?

The Extra is one-time list with one-time payment. Normally, the discount applied to the leads on the list will last for a couple days. Sometime all leads can be from a single store. The availability of such list depends on the store sales that are available. 

How much does it cost?

Each list has a special number to go with it and that number represents the cost of such one-time list, how many leads are on this list and how many total copies of the list are made available. An example will illustrate best how to read this special number. If a list is for sale for $16. The number "16" will means three things, the cost of the list is $16, the total number of leads on this list is 16, and lastly, there are only 16 copies are made available for purchase. Simple right? Let's take another example. If a list is on sale for $19. Then you will know right away that there are 19 leads available on this list and only 19 copies are available for purchase. Putting it in another way, the cost and number of copies of an Extra list depends on the total number of leads included on the list. 

What else should I know about before purchasing the list?

A few helpful notes are as followed:
1) please download the screenshot of each list to see what it looks like before your purchase
2) all Extra lists are time sensitive. When the store sales are over, the discount reflected on the leads on the list will no longer valid. Please always check the date of the lists before making the purchase.
3) general research criteria is as followed: top 1%, 40%+ ROI, $4+ profit & 10+ sales per day (based on Keepa)
4) make a copy of the list for your own record keeping.

What do I do if I have more questions?

We are here to help, so please reach out to Quincy via quincy@qiklists.com, or using the website chat feature at the lower right hand corner of each page. 

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