Exclusive Merchant Fulfillment Webinar

2PM (PST), Thursday, April 02, 2020 (Webinar has ended)
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Webinar Speakers

Eleanor Prior has been selling on Amazon since the end of 2012, it took her two years to stop hemming and hawing about Merchant Fulfilling. Now she is always sniffing and scurrying to find inventory that will work for both Merchant Fulfilling and FBA inventory. As co-owner of BoloMart.com she makes it a point to teach all members how to sell via MF especially before Q4 so they qualify to MF during Q4 and make bank. Eleanor is looking forward to answering your questions and help you get started with Merchant Fulfilling.
Eleanor Prior - MF Expert
Quincy is 100% focused on OA since 2014 and his OA sourcing service has grown from the shoe-specific GatedList to QikLists that covers all Amazon categories. Recently his QikLists service has pivoted to focus on finding leads from the Essential categories that FBA sellers can still ship into Amazon fulfillment center. Quincy believes focused OA and smart MF are two of the best options for FBA sellers right now. Pivoting from RA to OA and from FBA to FBM would allow sellers to continue to generate profits and thrive.
Quincy Lin - Owner of QikLists
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