QikLists-Live Demo Friday (06/26/20 only) by Quincy Lin
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QikLists-Live Demo Friday (06/26/20 only)

- 25 spots only
- include both demo lists from last two Fridays
- this is a one-time purchase, not subscription
- preview what the demo list looks like below
- what to expect based on last Friday's demo event:
    - avg. buy cost: $21.37
    - avg. selling: $46.43
    - avg. net profit: $13.16
    - avg. net profit w/ cashback: $14.47
    - avg. ROI: 66.91%
    - total leads: 22
Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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READ ME FIRST: how to access the demo Live list.pdf
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What a Live list looks like.png
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What's a live list?

With a live list, all leads are sourced live and delivered immediately on the Live Google Sheet. These leads are the freshest you can get and guarantee quantity you can buy.  

How do I access the demo list?

On Thursday, you will receive a Google Sheet invitation with link to the list. Before that, right after sign up, you will have access to a PDF file detailing the steps on how to access the list.

How can I get notified when a new lead is dropped in?

Easy, once you set up the Google Sheet alert. Please follow the instruction on top of the Sheet to set this up as soon as you can. Once set up, you will receive Gmail alert when a new lead becomes available. 

Are you going to demo how the leads are sourced?

No. This is not in the traditional definition of a demo. What this "demo" does is to let you experience how a real Live list works. All leads are REAL leads which are being sourced in REAL time. You need to prepare to buy from these leads! 

How many leads should I expect to see on this one-day demo list?

At least 15 and more, depending on the abundance of leads on Friday. All leads should be delivered by 5PM, PST. After that, be sure to save a copy of the list for your own record by using Google Sheet's "Make a copy" function under "File".

Are you going to do more of this kind of demo?

Yes. We are doing such demo on four Fridays: 06/12, 06/19, 06/26, and 07/03. Please come back to the website to check for update on each demo. You need sign up for each demo separately and it's a one-time payment for each demo. 

Where can I find out more about QikLists?

You can find out more about the QikLists-Live or any other QikLists by visiting HERE. Regarding the 30-day no risk trial on subscription, check out HERE. For questions about QikLists in general, this FAQ section will be helpful. Also, for any specific questions that you cannot find an answer for, you can contact me directly at quincy@qiklists.com.